Feeding Bubba

Feeding Bubba is the journey of four seemingly forgotten friends, living close to the poverty line, trying to raise a child together. This is a coming of age story, following the lives of; Shay and Simon, who are deep in a love that gives hope to their hopelessness. We watch as they struggle with race and family issues and how they are going to take care of Simon’s baby daughter Hannah. Mitchell and Tyron are pees in a disastrous pod.

They have each other’s back through it all, however sometimes that loyalty finds them in reckless and compromising situation. Shay, Simon, Mitchell and Tyron are the most important people in their worlds.

Throughout the first season we see these four friends directionless lives interrupted whenSimon is tasked with taking care of his estranged daughter, Hannah, after her mother packs up and leaves. Their relationships are tested and their worlds are cast into fire as they try to navigate there way through situations that none are prepared for.

Simon is coerced into selling drugs for his brother as a way to earn money to care for little Hannah. This choice comes with a heavy burden as we see Simon struggle through drug abuse, violent outbursts and serious run-ins with the law. By the end Simon is left questioning not only what is good for Hannah and her future, but what kind of man and father he wants to be.

We watch Shay take on the roll of Hannah’s mum. Haunted by the trauma of her childhood she tries to rectify her own relationship with her mother, all the while trying to finish her high school diploma. Shay is determined to give Hannah a life far better then the one she had and this inter begins to drive a wedge between her and Simon.

Tyron deals with the rising success of his football career and negotiating his troubled family life. Torn between his want to ‘get out’ and the obligations to his family and friends, he struggles with becoming his own person. This leads to reckless decisions of drug taking, a violent exchange with his estranged father and disastrous adventures with Mitchell and Simon.

Mitchell tries to keep his chosen family, the above mentioned, together and functioning in the face of his own demons and inner rage. His loyalty knows no bounds when it comes to his friends. We see Mitchell delve deeper and deeper into the underworld with Simon’s brother, taking the fall for a crime they all committed, all the while questioning his own worth.

Lastly, we see this whole world and the chaos held within it unfold through the eyes of a young Hannah as she observe what it looks like to survive. For her, this life is normal.

For these four friends, they are all the family they know. This journey sees them face themselves and negotiate issues of self-worth, loneliness, violence, neglect, drugs and consequently crime. Working together, they try to give to Hannah a childhood they never had. Since the unexpected arrival of Hannah, not on of these friends remains the same.




Feeding Bubba

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