Pale Fire

Pale Fire begins inside a dream. A family home abandoned years ago, sand and dust collect in the corners of the rooms, light fragments through broken panes as snow begins falls inside the house....

Mac (22) an aspiring writer awakes with excitement for the first time in months, his stifling routine of work, drink, sleep, is interrupted with the longed for return of his childhood best-friend and ex-lover Harry.

Mac goes to work like every other day, picked up by his best friend Alice (26), an Aboriginal woman on the likely verge of a promotion. Her life, like Mac’s is torn between the one she is expected to lead and the one she is urged to find.Anxious all day to see Harry, Mac bails on work and rushes home. Alice awaits her interview, dreading the knowledge that her promotion could jeopardise her fiancé’s job on the mine.

Harry’s family arrives atMac’s to; beers, Fanta, snags and potato-bake. The two initially avoid each other, unsure of their feelings after the last encounter. However, throughout the night their connection becomes palpable. Unawares to all around them, they negotiate the space between them with tact and longing. After their families part ways, Mac is surprised by a late night visit from Harry. Their reunion is short and bittersweet. Confirming Mac’s love for Harry and confirming Harry’s inner shame.

Meanwhile, Alice wakes to the sound of Brenton (28), her fiancé, vomiting in the bathroom after night drinking spurred on by the new of Alice’s promotion and his impending redundancy. Her attempts to help him are met again with venom and disdain.

That night both Mac and Alice lay awake clouded in uncertainty.

Harry, Mac is left even more confused and heartbroken then before. Alice argues with Brenton furiously until they call off their engagement. Brenton drives out to his community while Mac sleeps with a young woman for revenge.

While the heart breaking news of Brenton’s mother’s sudden death clarifies curtain things, a letter from Mac left on Harry’s pillow and a simple hug goodbye leave both Mac and Alice alone lost in the dust.




Pale Fire

Something Productions acknowledges the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and we pay our respects to their culture, and to elders both past and present. We hope to be present in our kindness and move forward in love.

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